Lingual orthodontics, the only totally invisible orthodontic technique

What is lingual orthodontics?

Lingual orthodontics consists of placing the brackets behind the teeth, next to the tongue, so that the braces are invisible and more comfortable to wear, avoiding having to wear unsightly irons on the teeth. It is not that they are concealed, more or less aesthetic or transparent; it is that they are not visible at all. It is the only totally invisible orthodontic technique. In addition, it allows good control of dental movement and does not affect the patient’s speech.

Some people may see overlaps with the Invisalign technique, as both orthodontic techniques aim to make the treatment more esthetic and, therefore, are in demand by patients who do not want to compromise their appearance, making them feel better, be more motivated and have greater self-esteem. But, while Invisaling is a removable and transparent, not invisible appliance, the lingual technique is fixed and totally invisible.

Is it an expensive treatment?

Most dental and esthetic treatments are known to be expensive. Lingual orthodontics is more expensive than other traditional corrective techniques such as metal brackets, but if we compare the complexity of the technique and the cost of the materials, it is cheaper than the aforementioned techniques.

Invisible lingual orthodontics is indicated for any patient, whether adolescent or adult, and for all types of malocclusions. Everything that can be solved with a conventional fixed technique can be solved with the lingual technique so that the patient does not sacrifice his or her esthetics during the treatment, since once the lingual orthodontics is in place, it is totally invisible.

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This is an orthodontic technique that has been fully implemented in countries such as Japan, the United States and Italy, and is increasingly accepted in Spain as an esthetic option for dental arrangement.