The advantages of invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics is currently an effective and esthetic method for correcting the position of teeth. It has many advantages over other types of orthodontics, which are detailed below:

Transparent, practically invisible braces

Invisalign® Invisible Orthodontics eliminates the classic fixed metal braces and replaces them with compact, transparent aligners that are practically invisible to others. In this way we avoid the aesthetic obstacle that orthodontic treatment can be for some people.

Very comfortable: no sores or chafing

Invisalign® aligners are custom-made for each patient, with a flexible and adaptable material that prevents metal sores and chafing on the gums or inside the mouth.

In addition, they are changed every 14 days for a new one, each aligner moves the teeth no more than a quarter of a millimeter, thus generating a smooth, progressive, natural and painless evolution.

Removable appliances: they are removed for eating and oral hygiene.

Invisible orthodontics makes it possible to fulfill the desire of all orthodontic patients who wear braces: braces with a slim design that allows the patient to remove them to attend meetings or appointments, eat, drink or brush their teeth. In other words, they allow the patient to continue with his or her lifestyle. The patient thus has full control and can lead a completely normal life, enjoy his or her social life and carry out orthodontic treatment without anyone knowing about it.

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This is Invisalign® invisible orthodontics: a cutting-edge treatment that solves all the drawbacks of classic metal braces. A dream for many adults, who will now embark on orthodontic treatment to show off a spectacular smile, despite being in their 30s or 40s and leading an active working life.

Efficient appliances

With this type of invisible orthodontics, malocclusions are corrected as quickly as with braces. With good planning by the orthodontist, almost any malocclusion can be solved.

3D planning

In addition, with Invisalign®, planning can be carried out using align tech’s Clincheck program and patients can see the results of the treatment before starting it. Planning that was not possible years ago is a major breakthrough in orthodontics.