What should we evaluate before performing a breast augmentation?

From what age can breast augmentation be performed?

To perform a breast augmentation it is necessary to wait for the complete development of the breast and, as a general rule, at the age of majority.

How do we know which size to choose?

Depending on the measurements of the breast and thorax we can narrow down the most appropriate volumes in each case.

However, within the recommendation, the patient’s opinion is important in this regard. Therefore, it is very important to conduct an exhaustive interview before the intervention, to see examples and for the patient to choose a desired result as a reference.

It is also possible to perform a simulation with testers.

What about the type of implant, what should we take into account?

The shape and type of implant will be decided according to the patient’s anatomical measurements and tastes.

Will the scar be visible?

It will be especially visible during the first year, although they will gradually whiten until they become practically imperceptible.

In cases where it is possible to opt for an approach in the inframammary fold, the scar is perfectly hidden in the crease of the breast.

Can it affect lactation?

No, since we are not going to cut the milk ducts leading from the nipple to the gland. So you will have the same opportunities to breastfeed as a woman who has not had breast augmentation.

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Do the chances of having cancer increase after the procedure?

No, otherwise this type of procedure would not be performed.