Damon brackets: innovative technology and freedom of movement to the teeth

Common brackets use ligatures that fill with food debris and cause poor hygiene, bad breath and more pressure, making treatment long and painful. The sliding mechanism of Damon Brackets does not need ligatures, so it exerts a passive force and prevents resorption at the root of the teeth, according to specialists in Dentistry and Stomatology.

Advantages of the Damon mechanism

The Damon system uses state-of-the-art archwires that allow teeth to move more quickly. In addition, treatment time is shortened by 40 to 50%, which also facilitates the orthodontist’s work. In short, it makes it possible to align the teeth and quickly give an excellent occlusion, preserving and improving the profile without extractions in 98% of the cases. By avoiding extraction, the lower third of the face is not reduced, so the physical appearance at 40 or 50 years of age improves because there is less likelihood of wrinkles appearing near the labial angle.

On the other hand, the implantation of Damon Brackets does not require removable appliances such as jaw enlargement expanders, because it works with the facial periodontal tissues without damaging them and avoids root resorption.

After implantation and during the time that the dental correction process lasts, the rate of gingival inflammation and bacterial plaque is also reduced compared to other orthodontic treatments, resulting in a very hygienic and healthy system.

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