Runners: how to prepare for a popular race and stress test

Any person, as long as he/she is within the stipulations of the health control and surveillance of the organization of the sporting event, can participate in popular races; however, it is usually recommended to people who are going to take part in it to undergo a medical examination beforehand, especially in the case of long distance races: half marathon, marathon, ultramarathon, as they would be stress tests and require some control measures to avoid any surprises during their realization. Within the team of medical professionals who are part of Top Doctors, we have Dr. Prof. José Antonio Martín Urrialde, Physiotherapist Expert in Orthopedic Manual Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy of the Locomotor System, Muscle Contracture and Tendinitis treatment, who gives us a series of tips for runners who are just starting or who are taking part in Amateur races.

Guidelines that a person should follow to be able to participate in a race

If a person suffers from some type of medical pathology, such as an acute cardiovascular condition, especially those whose ailments involve deficits in the control of blood pressure, as well as alterations in heart rhythm, they are part of the first group of subjects who should not participate in this type of sports events, whether they are short-distance popular races, or more extensive processes such as a marathon or ultramarathon. Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip, and/or who have prostheses in these joints, as well as those with ventilatory restriction problems, should also avoid this type of activity, as the latter would be the second risk group. The type of diet to be followed by a “runner” who is starting out in this type of sport should be supervised by a nutritionist; self-taught and/or imitative actions should be avoided. The diet of a runner must contain energetic substrates, which allow him to be able to face his sporting challenge, and above all to guarantee his health and well-being, adjusting it to his weight and age.

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Optimal exercise plan for a person who wants to start as a runner

The optimal exercise plan for a person who wants to start as an amateur runner, and thus be able to participate in popular races of short, medium and long distance, should put the emphasis on working the strength and endurance of the runner. These are two qualities that a runner must maintain through personalized training, which must be directed by a specialized trainer. In the same way, an adequate flexibility in the lower body is required, which contributes to prevent possible physical injuries. For this reason, the interdisciplinary team is the best tool at the service of a runner, because in this way he will be able to achieve his goals.