The Importance of Good Dental Health in Children

Having a good dental health should be a habit learned from the first years of our life, and it should last throughout it. This is why children’s dental health is a priority.

Well cared for teeth and gums help children maintain good health, not only dental, but general health.

The moment a child has a cavity, infection or other oral disease, the results can be detrimental. This generates pain, feeding problems, speech development problems and other self-esteem problems.

It is for these reasons that it is essential to teach children to respect and take care of some dental cleaning habits. In infants it is advisable to clean the gums with a soft, damp cloth at the end of the meal, as well as before going to bed.

At the moment when the first dental piece makes its appearance, it is necessary to begin to wash with a brush with very soft fences, as well as the soft and humid cloth mentioned above.

At the same time, the moment of withdrawal of breast and bottle feeding should be considered when the child reaches one year of age, since prolonged use can cause some deformities in bone growth and in the position of the teeth, as well as the appearance of caries before its time.

What are the benefits of pediatric dentistry?

Going to a dentist or odontologist when the first tooth appears makes the child realize the importance of trusting a dentist from an early age, adapting to the sounds, smells and sensations of dental treatment. In some cases, reconnaissance visits can be made so that the child does not engage in negative behavior with the dentist.

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On the other hand, it is recommended that the child visit the dentist at least twice a year, either to anticipate the possible appearance of cavities or to have cleanings and other preventive treatments.

It is very important that there is support from the parents, and that they transmit confidence in the child towards the dentist. They should not be frightened by jokes or comments, since traumas begin with the fear of some previous personal events.

If you have any doubts about the best way to maintain good oral hygiene, about brushing or about which articles should be used, do not hesitate to consult a specialist. We will also advise you on what habits your child should stop, such as thumb sucking, which can lead to poor dental or palate position.

Prevention is the best treatment, so it is good to remind parents of the importance of good habits at home, as parents are role models for their children.