Why does the sensation of flies in the eyes occur?

The sensation of having flies or floating bodies in the eyes is known as myodesopsias. They are a sensation of having dark shadows moving in the visual field.

Why does the sensation of flies in the eyes occur?

To understand why they occur, it is first important to know what vitreous humor is. This liquid is a transparent gel found inside the eyeball, between the retina and the crystalline lens. It is created during the embryonic stage and is not renewed.

It is composed of phagocytic cells, which act by eliminating the detritus accumulated in that part of the eye to maintain its transparency.

But sometimes, this debris accumulates in the vitreous humor and that is why it gives the impression of seeing shadows within the visual field. It is important to note that we are talking about printing, since the bodies are inside, not in front of our eyes.

These spots appear more frequently when we are looking at a clear background such as a white wall or a computer screen, among others.

With age, the vitreous humor loses texture and becomes more liquid. It also develops a greater tendency to accumulate cellular condensation. It is more common in people with myopia and its defects are considered benign.

Can the sensation of flies or floating bodies in the eyes be dangerous?

Generally, no. The brain gets used to it and the patient stops seeing the flies after a few weeks. However, if they appear suddenly and are very annoying, an ophthalmological examination is recommended, as they may be the cause of a tear or detachment of the retina.

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Depending on the origin, surgical treatment will be performed to remove them.

When to be concerned and to see a specialist quickly?

When the following symptoms are perceived:

  • The number of floating bodies increases in number and size.
  • There is a shadow at the periphery of the visual field.
  • Vision decreases abruptly.
  • Flashes and lights appear