Benefits of coconut oil for your oral health

Do you know about oil pulling with coconut oil?

Originating from India, oil pulling is a natural folk remedy based on coconut oil. There are many beliefs that it brings great benefits to our health, but are all the advantages attributed to it true?

The most recent studies claim that some of the benefits include the prevention of cavities and the elimination of harmful bacteria from the mouth.

Coconut oil, in the case of providing multiple benefits to our oral health, is a simple remedy to incorporate into our daily hygiene. This oil does not require any additional ingredients and is available in most stores.

The method of use, according to specialists, consists of rinsing the mouth with the oil (one tablespoon) for about 15 to 20 minutes. The remedy is compatible with other treatments such as Invisalign.

So, what are the benefits of coconut oil?

According to several studies, the main benefits of coconut oil are:

  • Killing harmful bacteria in the mouth: performing oil pulling can help decrease the amount of bacteria found in saliva. In this way, we can prevent cavities and maintain proper hygiene.
  • Improve gum health and reduce gum inflammation: by removing bacteria, we can prevent the risk of gum disease or gingivitis. This includes gum inflammation, redness and bleeding.
  • Reduce bad breath: this is related to poor oral hygiene, the accumulation of bacteria caused by gingivitis or infections. Coconut oil can be an effective and natural alternative.
  • Teeth whitening: although there is no scientific evidence, the oil may be able to remove stains on the tooth surface.
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Does coconut oil carry any risk?

The use of this oil does not involve any risk, except in cases of people with allergies to coconut or coconut oil, in which it is not recommended.

Finally, it is important to note that oil pulling does not replace tooth brushing.

For more information on oil pulling, contact a dental specialist.