SPARK, new invisible orthodontic technique

Dr. Iván Malagón, a specialist in Dentistry, is a pioneer in SPARK, a new invisible orthodontic technique that has arrived both in Spain and Portugal. After specializing in innovative techniques such as Invisalign, the specialist has introduced the innovative SPARK technique in the Iberian Peninsula.

SPARK is, without a doubt, a true reference in innovation in the field of invisible orthodontics. SPARK has the latest technology, as it has 3D software that far surpasses the technology existing to date, as well as aligners that improve the aesthetic appearance of the patient. It should also be noted that the specialist sees how the predictability of the results improves.

And the fact is that the international teaching trajectory of Dr. Malagón accompanied by intense scientific activity are a guarantee in the development of the technique. The SPARK technique has aligners that are more transparent than those of its competitors, a factor that makes it possible to take care of their esthetics for the duration of the treatment.

Various studies have shown that SPARK can achieve more productive results with a shorter time of use than other treatments. In addition, it should be mentioned that the materials of the aligners do not contain BPA, a toxic substance according to the World Health Organization.

Results of SPARK orthodontics

With SPARK, results are achieved quickly and efficiently, which in the hands of Dr. Iván Malagón turn into incredible smiles, since Dr. Malagón is a specialist in orthodontics. Malagon has a special weakness for aesthetics and smile harmony, a fact that allows him to achieve the most proportional and natural results to achieve a harmonious smile in reference to the other tissues surrounding the mouth, such as the gums, lips and soft tissues of both the lower and middle third of the face.

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SPARK aligners

The SPARK orthodontic technique uses TruGEN aligners, the innovative vanguard in aligners. These aligners have the following features:

  • They are designed to provide greater transparency and maintain natural esthetic harmony in the teeth.
  • Sustained strength retention, which allows the materials to last longer and greater ease in maintaining your hygiene
  • SPARK aligners ensure an advanced alignment system for both mild and severe malocclusions.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the SPARK alignment system is supported by 3D Approver software.

Types of SPARK treatment

The SPARK technique offers up to three types of treatment, which will vary depending on the degree of tooth malposition in each case, as well as the personal goals of both the patient and the specialist. However, there are flexible options to treat the smile according to the patient’s needs:

  • SPARK Advanced: consists of comprehensive treatment for cases with complex malocclusions. Aligners and refinements are unlimited.
  • SPARK 20: used for moderate malocclusions. Up to 20 stages of aligners and two stages of refinements.
  • SPARK 10: used for minor malocclusions and relapses. There are up to ten aligner stages with a single refinement.