The benefits of microscopic endodontics

Microscopic endodontics is performed through the operating microscope. This device allows us to increase the field of vision up to 30 times its original size, which helps us a lot to see the smallest details when performing this procedure.

What are the differences between this type of endodontics and conventional endodontics?

The difference between using a microscope doing endodontics and not doing it is the quality of the work. If we do not have one and we work with naked vision or with small magnifications through magnifying glasses, we lose a lot of information about the inside of the tooth. This information can be the key between success and failure.

What are the advantages of microscopic endodontics?

The main advantage is that there is a percentage of cases that cannot be performed with guarantees without a microscope.

Complex cases such as re-endodontics, apical surgeries or removal of fractured instruments inside the teeth. In general, the more you can see the better you will be able to work.

How are the results of this treatment?

The scientific literature tells us that the success rate of a well-diagnosed and executed endodontics has a success rate of 90 percent.

And the first cause of failure in endodontics is related to the reconstruction of the piece after performing this treatment. That is why doing a good reconstruction after endodontics is as important as the endodontics itself in the long-term success.