Cosmetic periodontal procedures can improve your smile

The smile is one of the first signs we notice about another person and the way they look can greatly affect the way we are. For some people, the condition of their gums makes it difficult to show off their smile. However, a simple surgical procedure performed by a dental professional who specializes in treating the tissues surrounding the teeth can help boost confidence and make it easier for these people to smile with confidence.

Practicing certain techniques such as teeth whitening or fillings are usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cosmetic treatments for the smile. What many people do not know is that there are also other types of resources that can be applied to the gums to improve the smiles of people who feel that their teeth are not beautiful, seem too long or too short. We must not forget that the gum is the frame where the tooth is the picture.

After graduating in dentistry, periodontists receive several years of specialized practice in the treatment of the gums and other structures that support the teeth. This experience makes them uniquely qualified to perform the procedures used to improve the appearance of the gums and ultimately beautify the smile.

Treatment: Cosmetic periodontal procedures

The solution to gums that are too long, i.e. for the so-called “gummy smile” can be the lengthening of the tooth crown, currently the second most frequent esthetic periodontal procedure among patients under the age of 50. With crown lengthening, excess gum and bone tissue is reshaped and thus exposing more of the natural tooth. This method can be performed on one tooth to even out the gum line or on several teeth to expose a broad, natural smile.

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Conversely, some people have the feeling that their teeth are too long. In the event that the root of the tooth is exposed as a result of receding gums, it can be solved with soft tissue grafts or different biomaterials that cover the exposed roots and thus prevent the progression of gum recession, as well as protect vulnerable roots from decay.

If you are interested in having a beautiful smile, contact a periodontist. He or she can evaluate your current smile and offer a wide range of appropriate and tailored treatments in order to contribute to a healthy state and desired appearance of your mouth.