Why is a gingival graft performed?

The gums are one of the most forgotten areas of our mouth despite being one of the most important parts, as much as the teeth. We make the mistake of paying attention to them only when we feel some discomfort, but the truth is that we should devote the care they deserve on a daily basis.

Our gums are also the target of various diseases or due to the traumatic effects of brushing. Gingival recession is one of the main problems that arises as a consequence of neglecting our gums. But fortunately we have different treatments that remedy the consequences of this problem.

In this sense, gum grafting becomes the indicated treatment.

What does gum grafting consist of?

It is a periodontal technique that restores the health of your gums. This treatment is used in situations of severe receding gums that put the patient’s gingival health at risk. It is also used in cases in which the aim is to improve the patient’s oral esthetics.

The objective is to repair the damage that has occurred in this area. Dr. Manuel Ruiz de Gopegui, an expert in gum grafting techniques for the treatment of recessions, reminds us of the importance of carrying out an initial diagnosis and planning of the case.

For this purpose, a study is carried out by means of photographs, radiographs and an exhaustive intraoral exploration. From this moment on, the treatment to be followed is detailed, which can sometimes be accompanied by a small composite filling at the level of the neck of the tooth.

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What is the procedure to be followed?

First of all, a thin layer of gingiva is obtained from the palate and saturated over the tooth to be treated. The graft is completely covered with the patient’s gum and the palate is protected with a palatal plate.

After one week, the graft is checked and after 15 days the resorbable stitches are removed. It is important to remember that this is a painless procedure whose postoperative period is simpler than it seems.

Care and maintenance after the operation

Gum grafts require certain postoperative care, among them:

  • Apply ice to the area to prevent swelling. You can also administer anti-inflammatory.
  • Rinse with chlorhexidine mouthwash for at least 15 days.
  • To make a soft and warm-cold diet during the first two days.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene.