Bioaesthetics, a new therapeutic model

In the total mouth rehabilitation of our patients, there are several possibilities derived from the different treatment philosophies that currently exist. Some colleagues will probably follow treatment criteria based on dental esthetics or on the patient’s masticatory function, but the key to success lies in the diagnosis of the causes that led the patient’s masticatory system to failure. So much so that if we maintain the characteristics that led the masticatory system to this bad state, it is very likely that our result will continue along the same path.

On the other hand, there are people who have exceptionally perfect masticatory systems and who have never needed and will never need any type of dental treatment. The analysis of the characteristics of these people led Dr. Robert Lee to conceive the discipline of bioesthetics. Using his training as a biologist to observe similarities, he was able to develop this new therapeutic model. After more than 10 years applying bioesthetic principles to the dental rehabilitation of our patients, at Den Clinics we have obtained very good results. Perhaps the most outstanding advantage is the aspect of dental wear. Many patients who have been erroneously classified as bruxists, when they are diagnosed and treated with the bioesthetic principles, obtain maximum masticatory efficiency which results in the stability of the result in the long term. The advantage of such near-ideal function is that the teeth no longer wear down, and the functional comfort is truly appreciable.

Many of our patients come for chronic craniomandibular pain, the origin is usually an altered masticatory function. Once treated with the bioesthetic principles, the pain is solved definitively. With the appropriate treatment for each case, we can put an end to the problem.