Eliminate your fear of the dentist: new and safe dental prostheses

Going to the dentist does not have to mean going through a situation of fear or discomfort. Dental professionals now have a conscious sedation service staffed by qualified anesthesiologists. The patient, therefore, does not notice anything at all, and the post-operative results of prosthesis placement procedures are spectacular.

Types of dental prostheses: fixed or flexible

The purpose of prostheses is to replace missing teeth. Depending on the areas, the prosthesis is larger or smaller. But they can not only be fixed, cemented on teeth. There are also removable prostheses, which the patient can remove to sanitize the mouth.

The use of 3D for dental prostheses

In terms of advances in dentistry, 3D in radiological guides is one of the radiological techniques used, in which bone structures are analyzed. Before placing a prosthesis, it is necessary to see which one is necessary for the specific patient. For this purpose, study wax-ups are performed where the teeth are made in the existing spaces.

When should dental surgery be performed?

It will be necessary in cases where it is necessary to extract teeth, place implants, or treat the bone and gum.

The “dry mouth” problem

The mouth is used 365 days a year, so the patient cannot wait to have a problem to go to the dentist. It should be checked with a frequency, depending on the patient. In the case of polymedicated patients, that is to say, those who take several medications, it is frequent that it affects the secretion of saliva.

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The result is “dry mouth”, with loss of lubrication of the oral mucosa and teeth, causing many problems: infections, acute caries, periodontal disease … These problems should be followed rhythmically. These routine visits are called Maintenance, where revisions of hygiene techniques, plaque control, dental prophylaxis (sanitizing the teeth), and the mouth is checked biologically, structurally and functionally.