Orthodontics, or how to prevent before curing

Although the first visit to the dentist is around three years of age, if there are no malformations, at six years of age we should go to the orthodontist and evaluate the future of the children’s dentition. Invisible orthodontics is the most indicated for adult patients with slight malposition.

The multiple uses of orthodontics with clear brackets

Year after year there are more patients who put themselves in the hands of a specialist to use orthodontics. On the one hand, many people are concerned about aesthetics, as they want to have straight, beautiful teeth. On the other hand, orthodontics can repair some dental health problems.

It is always better to correct a bad position than to place a prosthesis, aligned teeth are easier to clean and are less prone to periodontal disease. At Clínica Dental Llobell, we recommend always having your mouth in line, for a better future. By practicing orthodontics, the chances of suffering caries are reduced. The stomach will also be grateful. By chewing badly we can cause some digestive problems, and by aligning the teeth with the braces, you will be able to chew better. And therefore facilitate digestion. Finally, it should be said that self-esteem will also be reinforced. In the same way as when a person feels better when losing weight, or when doing sports. Through orthodontics we improve many aspects of the mouth and increase the self-esteem of many people.