8 questions to the dentist about immediately loaded implants

1. What are the applications of immediately loaded implants?

Basically, immediate implants provide esthetic advantages, because from the first moment the implant is rehabilitated on the spot. In cases where the patient is edentulous, immediate loading allows him/her to comfortably enjoy perfect teeth from the first day.

2. How are immediate load implants placed?

Immediate load implants require a great technical effort. Dental specialists use temporary abutments on the implants and the teeth are made of acrylic (due to its biomechanical characteristics).

3. How long after the extraction does it take to place the immediate load implants? And until the fixed teeth can be placed?

It depends on each case. Sometimes we can do immediate load implants the same day we do the extractions. If this is not possible, we must wait 2-3 months for bone regeneration. Fixed teeth are placed in 4-6 months after immediate loading.

4. Do immediate load implants hurt?

No. It is a minor surgical procedure in which the patient is medicated and, therefore, it is not usually very painful.

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5. What are the risks involved in the placement of immediate load implants?

If you do not have the adequate skill or the postoperative care is not correct, it can weaken the implant-bone union.

6. How long do immediate load implants last?

Many years, as long as they are properly cared for. As for the provisional prosthesis, it can last up to 1 year.

7. What are the immediate load implants made of?

They are the same as conventional implants, only the technique is modified. They are made of titanium; the teeth in the day are made of acrylic, while the definitive ones are made of ceramic.

8. How much do immediate load implants cost?

They cost a little more than conventional implants, but not too much: 1400€ is the conventional full implant and 1580€ the immediate load implant.