Commonly Asked Questions about Endodontics

What is endodontics?

Endodontics is the devitalization of the tooth in order to prevent infection and / or painful symptoms that appear before the persistent inflammation of the pulp or pulp tissue necrosis (non-vital tooth), which may be caused by various causes (caries, occlusal trauma, dental trauma …).

In which cases is it necessary?

The teeth that generally require a root canal are those whose nerve has been damaged, either by the presence of extensive caries or due to a blow or trauma.

How is the procedure performed?

Endodontics consists of removing the pulp tissue from the inside of the tooth in poor condition. For this purpose, a series of instruments or files are used to remove the infected tissue from inside the root canals, which are then cleaned with disinfectants and irrigators. Once all the pulp tissue has been removed, the canals are filled with resin and a sealing cement.

Is the tooth preserved after the intervention?

Once the endodontics is finished, the tooth has to be reconstructed with a filling or dental crown, depending on the degree of its destruction.

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