Periodontitis or pyorrhea

Many people still confuse periodontitis and pyorrhea. Although the term pyorrhea is totally out of use today, it is a word that many patients identify with bleeding gums and loose teeth.

In short, it usually causes repulsion, or fear, since it really means purulent material coming out of the gum. Years ago, patients with this disease were stigmatized and forced to wear dentures. But nowadays this need not necessarily be the case.

Periodontists are the most knowledgeable specialists to treat this chronic disease, to teach why, and to give instructions. It is a disease that can be prevented, and its progression can be limited.

In the same way, the periodontist will treat related problems, such as recessions, lack of volume for dental implants, and everything related to the pink color in our mouth.

Periodontitis treatment

Today we are not talking about food debris, nor about bacterial plaque, today we are talking about biofilms, where different bacteria interact to cause periodontal disease. In the same way, this periodontal disease is called periodontitis in a classification that has multiple degrees and multiple presentations, with or without suppuration, with or without bleeding, fast or slow, it can be aggressive, young, adult, acute, chronic… In any case it is considered individually and, most importantly, it has treatment. One such treatment is periodontal surgery, which I discussed in a previous article.