Digital Dentistry: new technologies in the dental clinic

Technological evolution in biomedicine is unstoppable and odontostomatology, as a medical specialty, is no stranger to it, so that any technology applied to medicine can be used in dentistry, whether at the molecular, surgical, diagnostic or reconstructive level. It is complicated to classify new technologies, but they could be divided into: diagnostic technology, planning technology, treatment technology and restorative technology.

Diagnostic technologies:

-Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT): allows to obtain with a very low radiation dose an extremely precise 3D view of the complete oral and maxillofacial territory.

Luminescence for caries detection: allows non-invasive detection of incipient caries, not detectable by clinical examination.

-Computerized periodontal chart: allows to diagnose and see the evolution of periodontal disease.

Planning technologies:

-Guided surgery in dental implantology: enables non-invasive implant insertion surgery with immediate esthetics and function.

-Digital esthetic design (DSD): allows full esthetic prediction for perfect treatment planning.

-Digital impressions: allows to make models of mouth and teeth without the use of pastes and with extreme precision.

Treatment technologies:

-Laser and phototherapy: it is the most advanced, precise and less invasive technology for surgical treatment, caries and oral infections and in general for all oral and dental pathology.

-Piezosurgery: it is the most advanced and less invasive bone surgery technique applied in all oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures.

Orthodontic corticotomies: this is a new and revolutionary orthodontic technique that allows non-aggressive dental movements and fast and effective orthodontic treatments.

Restorative technologies:

-CAD-CAM dental prostheses: it is the best alternative both from an esthetic and functional point of view for any type of dental prosthesis.

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-Lithium disilicate ceramics: it is the material with the highest esthetics, the best functionality and the best biological adaptation, indicated for all types of reconstructions.

Bone and epithelial grafts associated with implants: based on the technology of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) that allow the non-aggressive regeneration of lost tissues.

In reality, high technology is not a series of isolated procedures, but a work philosophy that incorporates excellence in all aspects of dental treatment.