Aesthetic veneers

Aesthetic veneers are cosmetic treatments that optimize the shape, position and color of teeth, especially in the anterior sector.

There are different types depending on the material they are made of: ceramic, composite or zirconium veneers.

Veneers significantly improve the appearance of the teeth without having to perform aggressive carving or root canal treatment (endodontics), although in some cases, ideally reposition them with orthodontics, we can close spaces (diastemas) between teeth.

Our practice specializes in somewhat extreme cases in patients with moderate and advanced periodontitis always controlled, to which we return a more careful appearance without the unsightly black triangles, the new tooth shapes are more easily sanitized, in addition to teaching our patients proper techniques of dental cleaning. So the whole set improves aesthetically and functionally getting back the self-esteem so often lost.

Placement of aesthetic veneers

It is necessary to carve more or less depending on the material chosen and the position of the teeth; ceramics need more than one session and the laboratory intervenes. Composite veneers require a more conservative grinding and are done in one session directly in the office.

The ideal after the placement of aesthetic veneers is to have check-ups with the specialist every six months. If this is not possible, annual check-ups, but not because you are a veneer wearer; in this house, prevention is one of our distinctive features.

Aesthetic improvement of teeth

The results achieved by the placement of aesthetic veneers are very satisfactory for the patient, since the aesthetics improve tremendously, without aggressive carving or as many sessions as are needed for conventional ceramic prostheses.