What are immediately loaded implants

More than talking about implants, this concept refers to a technique: immediate loading in Implantology. It consists of placing the tooth on the implant at the same time or up to 72 hours after insertion of the implant. It is most commonly done at the same time as the implant(s) insertion surgery.

Immediate load implants applications

The technique of immediate loading implants is used in all cases in which there is an esthetic compromise due to being without the tooth: anterior sector, premolar area, complete arches, etc; while we avoid it in those cases of intense loads and in posterior sectors when there is no esthetic compromise.

On the other hand, immediate loading also favors guided healing of the white tissues around the implants, improving function and esthetics.

In cases of zygomatic implants or complete upper or lower rehabilitations, immediate loading is a technique of choice.

Benefits of immediate load implants

The benefits of immediate load implants are obvious.

Currently, we are working with immediate loading techniques under digital impression, which allow perfect adjustments and immediate function.

In the case of anterior or single teeth, it is compatible with bone regeneration techniques, and allows the modification of tooth emergence profiles to achieve the best fit, function and esthetics.

Disadvantages of immediate loading implants

Performed with the proper technique and applying the correct biological principles, there are no disadvantages. Immediate load implantology is an extremely precise and demanding technique, so it requires surgeons and dental specialists who are experts in implantology and well trained.

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There are very few complications, but they must be known to be able to resolve them satisfactorily.

In general, the results are highly satisfactory for the patient and for the doctor, so it is considered a technique of choice, although it must be carefully planned and executed.