Multidisciplinary Approach in State-of-the-Art Dentistry

Technological advances and the population’s access to new tools and means of consumption require professionals to keep up to date with avant-garde techniques in order to generate adequate, optimal and satisfactory responses in dentistry.

In response to these challenges, Toro Mattozzi Dental Clinic was born under the philosophy of specialized, multidisciplinary and cutting-edge dental care. We have seen, during our professional development, that this way of acting favors our patients and that is the primary focus of our philosophy. How do we act in Toro Mattozzi Clinic? What do we mean when we introduce ourselves as a Specialized Dental Clinic?

The multidisciplinary approach: a new way of treating in dentistry.

The traditional approach, to which many patients “of yesteryear” were accustomed, is that where a single dentist performed the entire treatment plan that the patient required. As the years went by, dental schools offered fourth level studies and professionals continued their training by areas, similar to what happens in the medical profession. For example, a diabetic patient will probably be evaluated by an internist who will refer him/her to an endocrinologist and a cardiologist.

Specialized dentistry aims to solve the therapy of the stomatognathic system with a multidisciplinary approach for this, we have dentists graduated from the best international postgraduates. Patients are initially evaluated by the specialist in Periodontics (Dr. Fernando Toro Mattozzi) who performs the triage and diagnoses the initial condition of the patient by means of the periodontodiagram. Subsequently, dental calculus removal (Tartrectomy and Curettage) is performed and the patient is instructed in proper hygiene techniques, showing the patient his diagnosis and summoning the other specialists for interconsultations, where the different therapeutic approaches are discussed and knowledge is shared in a dynamic, preserved and feedback process.

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How is the multidisciplinary approach carried out at the Toro Mattozzi Dental Clinic?

From that process then the patient is referred within our clinic with the other colleagues both general dentists and specialists for the realization of, for example, caries removal, direct restorations, in the case of general dentists, root canal treatments (endodontist), extractions and removal of lesions in oral tissues (oral surgeon), correction of dental malpositions (orthodontist), periodontal surgeries, implant placement (periodontist surgeons), prosthetic rehabilitation and indirect restorations (prosthodontist) and correction of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (periodontist, occlusion specialist).

It should be noted that since it is a dynamic process, each professional involves the other specialists in the treatment sequences, the patient notices it and gets involved in his therapy as well, confident that he is being treated by specialists; colleagues, for our part, are enriched by the perspective of the other specialists and we keep up to date in continuous training, a fact that allows us to approach the cases with the latest techniques, always pursuing our mission “to provide specialized and quality dentistry to patients who come to the Toro Mattozzi Clinic”.

The vision of our clinic has always been clear, and we are grateful to our colleagues, but especially to our patients for trusting us during our more than 35 years of experience, offering innovative, multidisciplinary dentistry with the highest quality standards; we enjoy what we do and we invite you to know our philosophy. We are located in Reina Mercedes 23, Bajo 1, Madrid.

We are waiting for you!