What to do if a child breaks a tooth?

My child has broken a tooth, what should I do?

We should go as soon as possible to a specialist in Dentistry to evaluate the type of trauma, if there is bleeding we should immediately place a cold gauze or an ice cube, pressing on the affected area.

When this type of trauma occurs, there is usually a breakage of the enamel and the tooth is exposed to changes in temperature which translates into pain, the nerve may be affected, then the dentist will determine the necessary procedure to follow.

If the child does not break the tooth, but there has been a blow, is it advisable to take him/her to the dentist?

Yes, it is important to take the child to the dentist, because there may be mobility of the tooth and it is necessary to immobilize it with a fixed splint.

What are the differences if it is a baby tooth that is affected or not?

In this case, if the milk tooth is the affected one, it is necessary to do a radiographic follow-up at the moment of the fall and at 6 months, everything will depend on the traumatism, since we must control if there is damage to the dental germ.

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Can there be complications beyond a broken tooth?

Yes, there can be more complications. For example, it can produce inflammation or pulp necrosis, depending on the trauma, since when a baby tooth falls out we cannot replace it and if the tooth is permanent we must control it periodically with radiographs.