Three consequences of not replacing missing teeth

We are not aware of the consequences of not replacing missing teeth, however, something as simple as replacing missing teeth with implants or bridges will help us not to continue losing teeth. In this article, Dr. Juan Bosco Subirana, specialist in Dentistry and Stomatology, explains the three main consequences of not replacing teeth that can no longer be recovered.

Displacement of the teeth opposite the lost teeth

When we lose a tooth, the opposing or antagonist teeth tend to grow looking for contact with the lost teeth, not finding an opponent, they continue to grow causing decay between teeth. As they grow, their position changes with respect to the adjacent teeth, thus varying the point of contact between teeth. This causes spaces to be created where plaque can accumulate and, as a consequence, interproximal caries can form. Extrusions can also occur with the loss of opposing teeth. The tooth opposite to the lost tooth continues to grow until it loses all the supporting tissue, this generates mobility and the future loss of the tooth.

Displacement of adjacent teeth

The teeth adjacent to the lost teeth tend to occupy the space generated by the loss, i.e., the teeth are inclined towards this space. These movements between teeth generate spaces between the teeth and also diastemas. As a consequence, these spaces accumulate plaque and end up generating caries or periodontal problems.

Chewing problems

Another of the consequences of not replacing missing teeth is that, with missing teeth, we tend to force areas of the mouth that we should not. If, for example, we lose teeth on the right side of the mouth, the left side of the mouth will tend to strain more. This can cause problems in the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. In addition, wear on the cuspids can also occur with cup lesions and other complications.

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Having said that, the loss of a single tooth can generate chaos at the oral level and it would be ideal not to let it happen and replace the lost teeth as soon as possible. In our clinic in Madrid we will explain the different ways to replace missing teeth and we will give you the most appropriate solution for your case. In addition, the first consultation is free, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit us!