Which orthodontic treatment is best for my child?

Orthodontics is more effective in childhood, since according to experts in Dentistry and Stomatology, corrections are faster. Because of this, it is important for children to have an early oral and dental diagnosis, preferably between the ages of five and six. This diagnosis will help determine if early treatment is needed, which in many cases helps to ensure that the shape and size of the teeth is correct. With these treatments, problems such as crowding or malocclusion can be avoided.

Types of orthodontics for children

Depending on the child’s needs, the dentist will choose one type of orthodontics or another:

– Functional orthodontics: this orthodontics allows to solve those skeletal problems. These may be due to excessive or minor growth of the maxilla or mandible. Functional orthodontics paralyzes or stimulates the growth of one or both bones.

– Fixed orthodontics: this type of orthodontics cannot be removed until the treatment is completed. The best known fixed orthodontics are brackets, which improve dental crowding and solve malocclusion problems.

– Invisalign Teen: for many children, having to wear braces is a complex issue, which leads them to opt for a transparent removable appliance. This appliance is effective and comfortable, as it gives results without the child realizing that he or she is wearing braces. But it is important for children to be responsible and have willpower, because if they do not wear them for 22 hours a day, no results will be obtained.