Do you know the ALL ON 4 and ALL ON 6 hybrid prostheses?

Over the years, dental implants have improved in all aspects. From the ability to adhere to the bone, to digitized systems that help correct placement to avoid complications and possible pain, as well as treatment alternatives.

On many occasions we encounter patients who have to replace a single tooth, but there are also cases of damaged dentures that have lost most of their teeth. In the first case, a simple dental implant is the perfect solution. However, in the second case, is where the All on 4 technique offers many advantages over other alternatives.

The All On Four technique is part of the avant-garde in dental implants. It is a quality procedure that offers the patient an optimal solution both esthetically and functionally.

Complete oral rehabilitation in a single day

The All on four technique consists of attaching a full arch prosthesis using only 4 dental implants. In this way, the patient can recover all his teeth with the placement of only four implants in his jaws. Its main advantage is that it provides a significant reduction in treatment time and cost. An associated benefit is that, in many cases, resorting to this technique avoids the planning of more complex and invasive approaches.

Advantages of the All on 4 technique

  • Speed and effectiveness: the patient can recover teeth in a very short time, even in a single day if immediate loading techniques are applied.
  • Stability and support guaranteed: the fit of the rear implants in the anterior bone provides great stability, guaranteeing perfect support.
  • Fixed solution: edentulous people have a high-quality alternative to dentures with All On Four. Unlike removable dentures, this solution is not only fast and esthetic, but also fixed.
  • Quality of life: Tooth loss is one of today’s major oral problems.
  • Minimally invasive: the placement of All On Four dental implants is a minimally invasive procedure.
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When is the All On Four implant technique indicated?

All On Four is indicated for edentulous patients or those who have suffered significant tooth loss and have a significant bone deficit.

Through a series of highly powerful imaging tests, Dr. Ruiz de Gopegui will determine the best approach for you. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of our dental clinic we are able to establish high quality diagnoses. An intraoral scan of your smile and a 3D dental CT scan provide us with essential information about the situation of your oral structures. Thanks to all this we can design much safer, predictable and successful dental implant treatments.