Face Balance and Face Tuning

What exactly is Face Balance?

Face Balance summarizes the concept of facial harmony. In the facial analysis of our patients we not only take into account the individual aesthetic units (nose, cheekbone, chin, neck…), but we also study the combination of these units in order to achieve the most harmonious and natural results. The techniques used in Face Balance are performed by different specialists in Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine among others.

What different techniques does Face Balance combine?

The most frequently combined techniques are:

  • Blepharoplasty and cheekbone projection augmentation (through the use of custom-made prostheses) to rejuvenate the face.
  • Rhinoplasty and mentoplasty to harmonize the profile.
  • Bichectomy and FaceTite to define the middle third of the face.
  • Liposuction/FaceTite and mandibular ridge augmentation (also with custom-made prosthesis) to mark the mandibular angle and basalis.
  • Cheekbone projection augmentation and bichectomy to give more volume to the cheekbones.

Why is it important to use different techniques to perform a facial harmonization treatment?

Our experience in the aesthetic treatment of the face tells us that the best results in terms of facial harmony and balance are obtained when techniques aimed at treating several aesthetic units are combined. The use of a single technique may be insufficient in many cases.

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What results can be obtained with Face Balance?

With Face Balance we can achieve greater definition and projection of the cheekbones, with rejuvenation of the look; we also achieve more harmonious profiles, giving projection to the chin and reducing the volume of the nose.

Another very demanded result is to give projection and define the mandibular angle and the lower flange, achieving a more marked jaw line. It is possible to reduce facial width, giving a sharper appearance to the face, etc.

Are these results definitive or should maintenance sessions be performed?

When we use these surgical techniques we achieve stable and lasting results in the long term in a single surgical procedure. The changes at the level of facial bone structures are maintained over time (and only in a few cases may require some later retouching).