Do you know the new treatment Smile in 1 day

Smile in 1 day is a state-of-the-art oral and dental treatment that allows you to change your smile in just one appointment.

BordonClinic Dental Clinic has opted to join this innovative scientific project, with the aim of achieving excellence in each of the procedures offered to their patients.

How is the 1-Day Smile treatment performed?

This dental procedure is based on placing dental crowns and/or veneers, fabricated on the spot at BordonClinic. This immediacy prevents the patient from going through a provisional phase, minimizing the treatment time.

The patient will leave the clinic with a new and repaired smile, improved both aesthetically and functionally.

This treatment should only be performed by experienced dentistry specialists, who have at their disposal the latest technological advances necessary. After undergoing Smile in 1 day, the change achieved is radical, fast and perfect.

What advantages does Bordonclinic offer?

In the dental clinic in Madrid they have the most advanced digital technological equipment on the market to provide the best and safest treatment to their patients.

To make Smile in 1 day a complete success, BordonClinic reserves the entire clinic for a single patient. In this way, the entire staff will work towards a highly satisfactory result.

First, the individual needs of each patient are examined. Any contraindications, such as oral pathologies, must be ruled out, since optimal dental health is vital for a perfect smile.

Next, the necessary imaging tests are performed, based on the Digital Smile Design (DSD) system, in order to plan a customized and exclusive treatment.

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Finally, the veneers and/or dental caps are placed. The great advantage is that a smile will be achieved immediately, being a definitive treatment.

Who can undergo this procedure?

Anyone can undergo the Smile in 1 day treatment, to have a new perfect smile. Thanks to the previous oral examination, the particular needs of each individual will be determined.

Are there any contraindications?

There are no risks or contraindications, since each individual case must be examined before starting the procedure to assess whether the treatment is the most suitable option for the patient.

If it is not recommended, the Implantology service offers other dental solutions to improve dental esthetics and functionality. For more information about the Smile in 1 day or its alternatives, contact the BordonClinic Dental Clinic.