Advantages of 3D scanner

The 3D scanner or Dental CT allows a more accurate diagnosis of the dental structure, thus improving the treatment plan for each patient. To use it, it is only necessary to submit the patient to a radiological test (when it is essential or highly recommended).

Applications of the 3D scanner

The 3D scanner is especially designed for complex cases in which treatments require an exhaustive diagnosis. These are usually cases in which it is important to know the bone structure as well as the state of the root of the tooth.

The main treatments in which the 3D scanner is used are the following:

  • For dental implants: essential for successful placement of dental implants.
  • For orthodontics: uses such as included canines, teeth outside the bone, extractions…
  • For periodontics: essential in cases of bone loss.

Advantages and disadvantages of the 3D scanner

The 3D scanner allows dentists to know in detail the diagnosis of the patients. It offers greater comfort and speed in your treatment, since in a few minutes the scan is performed and the results are obtained. The results can be seen on TV or computer screens, making it easier for our specialists to explain.