Teeth whitening, the solution to teeth stains

Although in adulthood the teeth are cared for with toothbrushes and creams, in addition to dental floss, sometimes it is not enough, since the teeth are continuously exposed to substances and food. As a result, there are people who, even if they have optimal hygiene habits, have yellowish teeth.

Why do teeth stains occur?

As mentioned above, even if a rigorous oral hygiene plan is followed, sometimes certain foods, habits and substances cause a process in which the enamel of the teeth loses thickness, leaving the dentin visible and the teeth acquire yellowish tones.

People who ingest high amounts of coffee, carbonated, energetic or alcoholic beverages (such as wine), dark sauces (soy or English), fruits and vegetables with strong colors, may have more problems with tooth coloring. The same applies to people who smoke.

The substances already mentioned are some of the main causes of stains on teeth, so you should be careful with them because most of them are constantly in our day to day.

How to achieve a perfect smile?

To achieve a perfect smile, with sparkling white teeth, it is key to change eating habits to a diet that largely eliminates the aforementioned foods. It is also important to stop smoking, as it is not only detrimental to your health and respiratory tract, but also to your oral health.

The yellowish color of the teeth can be reversible by modifying the previous habits but also by resorting to a teeth whitening treatment.

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What does teeth whitening consist of?

There are several techniques that promise to restore the white shade of teeth, such as some products that can be purchased in pharmacies or whitening toothpastes, as well as some “home remedies”. However, the best option will always be to go to a specialist in Dentistry and Esthetic Stomatology, who is the person in charge of carrying out teeth whitening in a professional manner, ensuring that the teeth do not suffer and that the results obtained are as expected.

One of the most popular teeth whitening procedures is laser whitening, which promises to whiten teeth 5 to 7 shades. It is a method that can take approximately one hour in consultation but the results are very noticeable. In addition, it is very important to emphasize that, for the effect to last, hygiene habits and proper nutrition must be maintained.