Why should I have immediate load implants

Dr. Jaime Jiménez García, dentist at Top Doctors, will talk to us about immediate implantology.

What are immediate implants?

Immediate implants is a contemporary technique that consists of placing an implant in the area on the same day that the tooth is extracted, thus avoiding waiting times for our patients.

What are the advantages of immediate implants?

The advantages are clear. Actually, the same day of the extraction and the placement of the implant, the patient can be given esthetics, phonetics and function, thus removing those removable appliances that are so bad for our patients in a percentage of the treatments.

Are they safe and do they last as long as the traditional ones?

Immediate implants is a safe technique that lasts exactly the same time as traditional implants. From the first moment the patient can be given an esthetic, a phonetic and a function, thus removing those removable appliances. Of course, case selection in these implants is a determining factor, although a very high percentage of our patients are candidates for them.

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