Meet Dr. Palomino’s Ophthalmos Center

Dr. Palomino is an ophthalmologist in Madrid, with extensive professional experience in the specialty. The doctor is scientific advisor of the Oftalmos High Technology Eye Center, Head of the Ophthalmology Service of the Quirón Madrid University Hospital, Ophthalmology Director of the San Antonio Charity Center and Ophthalmology Director of the Queen Sofía Alzheimer Foundation.

What specialties and services does Oftalmos offer?

Oftalmos offers all the possibilities in terms of specialties that exist in ophthalmology. We have a retina, vitreous and macula department. It is headed by Dr. Bernardo Fernández Arévalo. We have the department of general medicine and part of children’s medicine, which is headed by Dr. del Moral Matei. Dr. Martín Carrivero is in charge of the department of strabology and advanced children’s medicine. Dr. Martín Carrivero is in charge of the department of strabology and advanced children’s medicine. Hae-Ryung Won leads the department of plastic, lacrimal and orbital surgery. Dr. Carmen Méndez, who is in charge of the glaucoma and ocular hypertension department. And Dr. Ricardo Cuiñas Sardiña, who is in charge of the cornea department in terms of transplants and uveitis. And myself, who coordinates the whole team and takes care of all the pathology, anterior segment, ocular surface, cornea, refractive surgery, etcetera. In such a way that we are able to encompass all the specialties that are covered by great professionals, who have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter they deal with.

What is the differential factor of Oftalmos?

The differential factor of this institute, of this practice, is to have people who have a high performance in their specialty, professionals who are giving lectures, not only in the national field but also in the USA and Europe. People with publications in all their specialties, leading ophthalmologists. And to have a multidisciplinary team in which we all meet to make the best decision that we can give to each patient and in this way, that the patient, who is the most important thing in our institute, in our practice, will benefit as much as possible. In this way we believe that we are creating an advanced group of professionals, in the same way that is done in the most advanced clinics in the USA or Europe, and thus we can compete with any center in the world in terms of giving the patient the best treatment.

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What experience and trajectory does Dr. Palomino’s team have?

The trajectory and experience is long even though they are young, they all work in hospitals, they are introduced in all the most advanced ophthalmology societies, not only nationally but also internationally. And they can access all the possibilities, both medical and surgical, in terms of the most advanced techniques to provide the patient with the best solution for his or her problem.

How does Oftalmos adapt to updates in Ophthalmology?

Not only do we go to the congresses and learn what is being done outside our country and in our country, but all the members of this team are professors and they themselves are constantly researching the most advanced levels of the specialty and they can, and in fact they are the ones who give the conferences both in Spain and outside Spain. And all the team are enthusiastic researchers of the progress of ophthalmology worldwide. In this way we are always on the latest wave of advances in our specialty.