What services does the Dres. Ortuño Ophthalmology Clinic offer?

Through vision we perceive approximately 90% of the information from the outside, being considered one of the most important senses. From birth the eyeball is undergoing changes, at first during the first years of life as a consequence of its own development. However, the changes in vision that occur in adulthood are linked to the aging of the ocular structures themselves, in a similar way as happens in other structures of the human body. On the other hand, there are other changes induced by ocular or even systemic pathologies that can affect vision. In order to prevent alterations in visual health, the Clínica Oftalmológica Dres. Ortuño in Orihuela we are very committed to carrying out visual revisions to detect early alterations in vision. In this sense we have facilities to provide a quality service to the patient to make him feel comfortable, and in accordance with the various specialties in ophthalmology in which we are experts.

What are the main ophthalmology specialties at Clínica Dres. Ortuño?

The changes in the eyeball that are induced during childhood can lead to vision that does not develop correctly. Precisely, visual revisions in childhood are highly recommended to detect visual problems such as amblyopia or also known as lazy eye. Due to the various causes that can induce the manifestation of amblyopia, our ophthalmology clinic is an expert in its diagnosis and treatment. However, other pathologies are more frequently induced in adulthood, which require periodic visual revisions. Thus, for example, alterations in the retina can induce Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), hypertensive retinopathy or glaucoma, among others.

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Innovative treatments at the Drs. Ortuño Ophthalmology Clinic in Orihuela

In addition to the above specialties, at the Drs. Ortuño Ophthalmology Clinic in Orihuela we are aware of the importance of performing visual scrennings for the detection of dry eye, or in patients with floaters. Likewise, due to the importance of refractive errors in order to obtain clear quality vision, our ophthalmology specialists are highly experienced in the treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism by means of laser surgery and phakic intraocular lens implantation. However, there are occasions in which it is not advisable to perform corneal refractive surgery or phakic intraocular lens implantation. In such situations, our ophthalmology center has the best technology of Premium Intraocular Lenses for the performance of the well-known crystalline lens surgery. Specifically, Premium Intraocular Lenses are also the most recommended alternative to restore vision in patients with Presbyopia or eyestrain. Our wide range of ophthalmology specialties is complemented by the diagnosis of pathologies that can be induced by sun exposure such as pterygium or pinguecula. Because we also understand the importance of beautiful eyes, we specialize in blepharoplasty, also known as cosmetic eyelid surgery.