Trifocal lenses, an innovative solution for presbyopia or eyestrain

Commonly known as eyestrain, presbyopia is a condition that affects a large part of the population. Presbyopia is the progressive loss of accommodation and affects all individuals regardless of any underlying refractive error from the age of 40-50 years. Until relatively recently, presbyopia was corrected with the aid of lenses, glasses and surgery.

To these well-known techniques, the use of multifocal intraocular lenses and in particular trifocal lenses has recently been added, which have proven to be very effective for the correction of presbyopia. As a result of the excellent results achieved, experts are increasingly in favor of the crystalline lens extraction procedure with intraocular lens implantation as the most efficient and definitive treatment for presbyopia correction.

Although they are still used by only a few surgeons, trifocal lenses are becoming widespread as a common resource to treat presbyopia, since they allow correcting three focal distances with the same lens: far, intermediate and near vision.

The novelty of the trifocal lens lies in the fact that it corrects intermediate vision while continuing to offer the best performance in near and far vision. Moreover, thanks to its optical characteristics, this type of lens offers good quality vision in all light conditions and minimizes the appearance of night halos.

This technique is indicated for a wide range of patients, both hyperopic patients over 45 years old and myopic patients over 50 years old. All people diagnosed with presbyopia or eyestrain who wish to stop using glasses or contact lenses can benefit from this technique. Most of the patients operated with a trifocal lens implant recover a full range of vision. The intervention corrects refractive defects in a stable manner over time and also, logically, prevents the appearance of cataracts since we eliminate the crystalline lens.