Guide to Choosing Good Sunglasses

In both winter and summer, eye care is essential. It is not because it is winter that we should neglect our eyes, since the sun’s rays affect us just the same. That is why it is very important to choose the right sunglasses to protect us from the sun’s harmful radiation. Looking only for aesthetics is a mistake that can lead to long-term problems.

What should be taken into account when choosing good sunglasses?

The quality of the glasses must be taken into account, following quality signs such as the “CE” mark, which means that the models comply with the legal and safety requirements within the European Union. Another requirement to take into account is the filter, usually a UV400 filter, which blocks the three ranges of ultraviolet light (UVA, UVB and UVC), which protects the human eye from the negative effects of the sun’s rays. This is a mandatory requirement for selling sunglasses within the European Union.

What are the different categories of sunscreen?

Within the sun filter there are four categories according to the intensity of shades of the lens and the transmission of light through it. From 0 to 2 would be the lenses that let more light through and are not indicated for sunny days, only to avoid the discomfort of light outdoors. Level 3 is the most common filter, since the eye is optimally protected and can be used in all circumstances, cloudy or sunny days. Filter 4 is used on days of intense luminosity or activities in very open spaces such as the mountains or a desert. They are not suitable for actions that do not require so much luminosity as they are very dark. In addition, they can be a problem when performing everyday activities.

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Polarized lenses are a good option for activities where we are exposed to high solar radiation, such as snow or water. This glass eliminates reflections, thus producing a feeling of comfort.

Why should poor quality glasses be avoided?

Nowadays there are many brands and stores that offer accessories at very competitive prices and adapted to current fashions. However, we should not be tempted to neglect our eye health, since we must have materials that protect us from the sun, adapted to the different categories of sunscreen. If we do not follow this advice, our pupils can dilate excessively, causing the retina of the eye to receive too much ultraviolet radiation, which leads to abrasion causing irreversible problems.