Japanese Thread Facial Retention

To begin with, it should be clarified that facial retention ligaments are 8 and connect the structures from the bone to the skin by fixing the superficial tissues to deeper and firmer ones. In this way, the facial retaining ligaments act directly on the areas responsible for facial anchorage to resituate the descended factions and neutralize the gravitational forces that cause flaccidity and an aged appearance.

With aging, these ligaments become softer, which favors laxity and causes a change in the position of the anatomical structures.

The loss of tone of the retaining ligaments in turn produces the displacement of the skin forward, causing nasolabial folds, marionette folds, jowls and the blurring of the mandibular angle.

To reinforce these ligaments and slow down the sagging process, a beam of JBP-Lift Japanese threads is applied to the middle layer of the skin, coinciding with the location of the retaining ligaments, which due to their ability to regenerate collagen contribute to recover the elasticity of the retaining ligaments, increasing their tone and slowing down the process of facial sagging.

This treatment can be performed once a year after the age of 40.

To learn more about this treatment of facial rejuvenation and repositioning with natural results and preventive effects, please contact us.

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