Permanent hair removal with DEKA® laser: customized and painless

Permanent hair removal has been in practice for many years and has allowed many people to forget about unsightly body hair. Nowadays there are many medical lasers that allow to improve permanent hair removal, becoming the fastest, safest and most effective technique.

What are the new features and benefits of the DEKA® laser?

The DEKA® laser is one of the most sophisticated, high power lasers. This laser allows definitive hair removal by calculating the most appropriate parameters individually and according to the treatment area. This means that they calculate the correct energy to be deposited according to the color of the hair, its density, thickness and the color of the person’s skin.

This allows specialists in Aesthetic Medicine to treat not all areas automatically and with the same energy, but to adjust the parameters according to the hair and skin. In this way, faster treatments with more effective results are achieved.

In addition, this new generation of lasers incorporates technical improvements that make them painless, faster and the possibility of being applicable in dark skin.

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