At every age, the right touch-up

The years are marked in our face, from puberty to menopause or andropause different problems appear, but we must know that each of them has a solution.

At the age of 30

When we reach the age of 30 we drag the signs of acne and its marks, and the first spots and incipient wrinkles begin to appear. At this time it is necessary to perform superficial and medium peelings to treat facial fat but we can also attenuate the marks with depigmenting masks. It can also be a good time for mild preventive treatments or to apply specific cosmetics against the first signs of aging on our face.

We are already in adulthood, and perhaps that tattoo that we did at age 18, we are no longer very appropriate or, if it is very visible, simply influences us when we are hired, to this problem there is a solution: in several sessions we can get rid of it with the Q-Switched laser.

Another problem that can appear is excessive sweating, in fact it can appear at any age, and it is also an inconvenience when it comes to socializing. In this case, the solution is botulinum toxin.

Finally, hair is not fashionable and the best investment is laser hair removal, as the problem disappears in a matter of several sessions.

At the age of 40

When dehydration begins, we administer microinjections of hyaluronic acid and vitamins to provide water and achieve more smoothness, at this time the first wrinkles and nasolabial folds appear and the cheeks begin to fall. To combat these problems we resort to hyaluronic acid. In the case of wanting to correct expression wrinkles, botulinum toxin (“Botox”) is a good choice and, at this age, biostimulation treatment with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) offers us a true regeneration of collagen type III, achieving through our own plasma an intense process of internal skin rejuvenation with excellent results.

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And at the age of 50

At the age of 50 is the time to attack photoaging and flaccidity in the face, neck, neckline and hands by performing combined treatments of peelings, laser, fillers and microinjections that close the pores and reduce wrinkles and flaccidity, as well as the placement of resorbable subcutaneous threads for the problem of sagging cheeks. It should be noted that hormonal deficiency is to blame for the fact that the lips are receding, becoming thinner and poorly outlined. But for this we also have a solution since we can redefine them and make them more turgid with hyaluronic acid or polyacridamide gel infiltrations.