Liposculpture vs traditional liposuction

Our plastic surgery team at Instituto Medico Ricart is specialized in the most avant-garde and less invasive techniques to eliminate fat and flaccidity. We have substituted the traditional liposculpture and lipolaser for liposculpture and high definition liposculpture that besides eliminating fat also sculpts the silhouette.

What does liposculpture or high definition liposculpture consist of?

The liposculpture or high definition liposculpture is a type of minimally invasive surgery that allows in a single intervention:

  • Eliminate fat
  • Attenuate flaccidity
  • Completely reshape the silhouette

The intervention is performed in the operating room and under local anesthesia and sedation in the case that the procedure is not complex, that is to say, that the amount of fat to be eliminated is not high. If, on the contrary, you are going to undergo a liposuction of several areas that also contemplate a greater extension of accumulated fat, you will be administered general anesthesia. In any case, the liposculpture requires hospitalization, which more or less days will depend on the complexity of the operation.

The liposculpture lasts between 1 and 3 hours, however, it will depend on the amount of fat to extract. The surgeon makes a small incision to introduce a liposuction cannula connected to a machine with which the fat is suctioned. Depending on the extension of the fat to be removed, different incisions will be necessary to eliminate all the adiposities.

This technique is performed using state-of-the-art cannulas that allow the fat to be treated and manipulated, facilitating its extraction and remodeling. Its main advantage is that it avoids the formation of adhesions and lesions between the dermis and the fascia during the fat extraction process, minimizing the risk of seromas in the potsoperative period. Another factor to highlight is that, through its innovative technique, the extracted fat is emulsified in such a way that it becomes the most optimal filler with which we can increase the volume of other areas of the body, such as breasts, buttocks or face (lips or cheekbones), performing in the same intervention the removal of localized fat, “subtly marking” the abdominals and reusing the extracted fat for the increase of volume in buttocks or breasts.

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What does lipolaser consist of?

Through a small hole we make in the area or areas to be treated (approximately 1 mm in diameter), we introduce the laser fiber. This fiber produces a destruction of the fat without injuring other adjacent tissues and provides a firming effect on the skin, as a consequence of the heating.

The retraction of the skin and the induction of collagen formation by the laser effect prevents flaccidity, so characteristic after traditional liposuction, and produces an important reaffirmation of the treated area.