How can we take care of our neck?

Facial care is the order of the day, hydration, nutrition, photoprotection, aesthetic medicine treatments, etc… but what about the neck? The contrast in care between the face and neck can lead to a lack of harmony, which is the basis of any beauty canon.

How can aging of the neck be prevented?

Moisturizing and nourishing the area must be done daily, in the same way as the facial routine. The same cosmetics used on the face can be used. If the area is very deteriorated or has different characteristics, more specific cosmetics can be used for this area.

In turn, sunscreens should be used continuously on the face, neck and décolleté. It should be applied at least 30 minutes before sun exposure and every 2-3 hours after bathing. In this way, post-exposure cosmetics are always applied to the face, neck and décolleté. Likewise, the use of hats, caps and pamelas in outdoor recreational activities offers extra protection against the sun.

It is also recommended not to apply perfume on the skin of the neck as it can induce the appearance of poikiloderma of Civatte Berloque dermatitis (phototoxicity reaction after the application of perfumes or substances containing alcohol, musk and bergamot) or changes in the pigmentation of the skin in the center of the neck that looks lighter and the sides (hyperpigmented).

What are the treatments to treat the neck?

  • For aging or photo-aged skin, IPL, laser or peel treatments are recommended and can be combined with each other.
  • For flaccid skin without excess skin, tensor or stimulating threads, polylactic acid, Silisorg® mesotherapy can be applied alone or in combination.
  • For horizontal wrinkles (necklace of Venus) without excess skin, polydensified hyaluronic acid or autologous fat can be applied.
  • For muscular flaccidity with little skin excess, platysmal bands, HIFU or chemical neck lift can be used.
  • For mild to moderate jowls Belkyra® treatment.
  • For marked jowls with limited skin flaccidity, lipolaser treatment can be used.
  • For a large amount of excess skin, a neck lift can be performed.