What should I do to get rid of my dark circles under my eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are a common pathology and they appear or settle around our eyes altering the harmony of our face. Often tips such as quitting smoking, getting enough sleep, reducing stress or applying cold cloths are not enough to eliminate them, but why are they caused and how can they be removed? Here, the prestigious Dr. Barba Martínez answers you.

Dark circles under the eyes start with a slightly brownish tinge and can go through bluish, purplish or dark brown tones. Their appearance can be capricious and occur only in the lower eyelids or, at the same time, in the upper or lower eyelids. They also appear regardless of age and sex, intensifying with illness, fatigue or stress, among others, causing a sad or tired look.

Progressively, dark circles under the eyes can become permanent and without an apparent cause. There are purple, dark and even sunken dark circles, giving rise to people who suffer all at once in the lower eyelids and upper eyelids, giving a mask-like appearance. In addition to prevention, which is a personal work that we have to do in our day to day, if we want to apply treatment to this annoying condition we can turn to the experts.

Anti-dark circles treatment

From the clinic of Dr. Barba Martinez recommend the most effective treatments to fight with dark circles under the eyes, such as:

  1. Elimination of the dark coloration of the skin of the eyelids. The technique used is the CO2 ultra laser, which eliminates the hue caused by the iron emerged from the dilated vessels.
  2. Vascular laser to reduce vascular dilatation of the eyelids.
  1. Reduction of the depressed furrow of dark circles under the eyes by injecting hyaluronic acid or lipotransfer of the patient’s own fat extracted from the patient’s body.
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To correct dark circles under the eyes it is not enough to apply a single treatment. In most cases, different methods must be alternated to achieve maximum reduction. The patient must accept that this condition cannot be eradicated, therefore anti-dark circles treatments must be supported by other care such as the use of depigmentation, sun protection or decongestants to maintain the results in the long term.