What are growth factors used for?

Growth factors are proteins that are inside the cells at the cytoplasm level and that have an important stimulating activity on the regeneration of organic tissues, as well as an important anti-inflammatory effect. Nowadays it has become an alternative of wide application in medicine and the technique has been simplified.

Application in Rheumatology

In the rheumatological field, growth factors are used in degenerative processes (chondromalacia, chondropathy, tendinosis) or in the initial stages of osteoarthritis. The spontaneous evolution of the degenerative processes is always progressive, for this reason, what is intended is to stop or delay this wear and tear by the influence on regeneration and inflammation. All this is intended to avoid or delay surgery.

The application of growth factors is performed directly on the affected area. Platelets are the cells of the organism richest in growth factors. The technique is based on obtaining a concentration of platelets where the growth factors are not active, and through the application of calcium chloride proceed to their activation. Subsequently, the plasma with the activated factors is applied to the area to be treated. There are no tolerance problems, since the factors are the patient’s own and there is no problem of rejection, this is the great advantage and the ease of application of this new technique.

80% of responses are favorable

During the last four years we have verified that the results in terms of improving cartilage resistance, decreasing inflammation, reducing or suppressing pain and suppressing or delaying surgery are around 80%.