7 tips for the patient after tonsillectomy surgery

Otolaryngology specialists state that, after undergoing tonsillectomy surgery, the patient should take certain precautions during the days following the operation.

What should the patient take into account after a tonsillectomy?

  • The patient should rest at home for 3 days. During 10 days, he/she will not be able to make physical efforts.
  • As for food, the patient should eat a soft and cold diet for 10 days. He/she will not be able to eat food that can open the scar of the intervention or very hot food. If the patient feels a very intense pain when eating, he/she can take an analgesic 20 minutes before each meal.
  • Fever: the patient may have a few tenths of a fever in the two days following the tonsillectomy.
  • Do not worry if you feel ear pain, it is normal after this operation.
  • If the patient presents whitish secretions in the tonsillar area, he/she should not worry because instead of an infection, it is the scar of the intervention, which apparently looks like a very large white spot.
  • Treatment with antibiotics and analgesics administered by the doctor at the time of discharge.
  • Go to the emergency room if the patient presents the following alterations:
    – Bleeding from the mouth or traces of blood in the saliva.
    – Body temperature higher than 38ΒΊ.
    – Cervical rigidity.
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