Problems of daily life: a way to cope with them

Everyday life is full of problems that we can solve on a daily basis. Thus, we are confronted with interpersonal conflicts, frustrations, situations that exceed our capacity for self-control, emotional losses of different types and importance?

Usually these are experiences that, although sometimes unprecedented, we can solve with certain skill and only leave us the mark of experience that also makes us more skilled in the management of other difficulties.

But we do not always feel with the same strength or security to face them, but sometimes they surprise us in vital circumstances that have weakened us to be able to bear the suffering that they entail.

There are people who, because of their loneliness or their character, live their discomfort in silence, this way of living them produces an added suffering that affects them personally and directly or indirectly they can project it on others causing circumstances that distance them from the people on whom they have projected their dissatisfaction or discomfort.

Sometimes making a problem and its suffering so intimate and personal can lead us to magnify it and increase feelings of helplessness to deal with it.

Sharing with someone we trust the concern, the pain that life sometimes presents us with represents a relief, but if this is not possible, the intervention of a professional, clinical psychologist, helps to put words to the pain, make it more accessible to its understanding and minimize its impact on our psyche, reducing or avoiding the possibility of it deriving in depressive or anxious symptoms.

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For more information, consult with a specialist in Psychology.