Depressive Disorders

Is depressive disorder a mental illness?

Yes, it is a mental illness, although many people do not consider it a disease but a kind of laziness or discouragement that they can control themselves with their personal resources, but it turns out that it is not, the confusion due to ignorance is widespread in the population.

Are there different types or concepts of depression?

Yes, there are depressions with a biological and genetic basis; others that are based more on a disorder of personality functioning; and finally others that depend on environmental and social causes. Therefore, broadly speaking, there are three general concepts of classification of depressive mental illnesses.

What are the warning signs of clinical depressive disorder?

We find many and varied signs, sometimes misleading because it is difficult to interpret them. There are mono-symptomatic signs such as headaches and unexplained tiredness, although in most depressions the cardinal symptom is sadness.

How is depression currently treated?

From a mixed approach to treatment, very modern antidepressant drugs are given that have virtually no side effects, and in addition there is a supportive psychotherapy or personality restructuring. These are the two pillars on which modern treatment of depression is based.

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