Dentistry: the role of the legal expert

The dental judicial expertise consists of a report issued by a dentist for a judicial body, either ex officio or at the request of a party. It is carried out to offer a scientific solution to the request that the judicial body needs to adequately support any decision in certain types of civil or criminal proceedings.

The realization of a report or dental judicial expertise is convenient for an adequate resolution of the conflict raised. In many cases, it even becomes a determining factor in the solution that the court itself carries out.

Evaluation of bodily injury

Once an injury has occurred to a person, a specialist technician is needed who knows how to assess the qualification and quantification of the damage, so that whoever has to decide on the matter has the relevant instruments to act in justice and set the appropriate compensation.

The role of the dental legal expert

A dental expert, required to act before a judicial body, must inform himself about the case in question, assess the patient and draw his own conclusions. He or she must then issue a written report setting out, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, the conclusions of the requested opinion.

From there, it must be sent to the intervening court and made available for possible subsequent ratification in the act of oral trial.