At what age should the first visit to the ophthalmologist be?

It is important to visit the Ophthalmology doctor since childhood to prevent possible complications as an adult. Therefore, it is necessary to have some knowledge about Ophthalmology in children.

When to start seeing an ophthalmologist

It is recommended to start visiting the specialist from the age of 3 years with annual check-ups if the child is not suspected of having vision problems and there are no hereditary eye problems.

If there is any suspected anomaly, it is essential to take the child to the ophthalmologist from the first day of birth.

How to know if a child needs to go to the ophthalmologist

The main symptoms for which a child should go to an ophthalmology specialist may be headaches, watery eyes, constant rubbing of the eyes or getting too close to things.

Main reasons for children to visit the ophthalmologist

The main problem to prevent in childhood is amblyopia or lazy eye. This pathology can have multiple causes, so it must be treated by correcting the origin, either through corrective glasses or surgery for strabismus, congenital cataract, among others, or by covering the healthy eye with occluding patches to develop the vision of the amblyopic eye.