Halliwick method, recovering motion in water

The Halliwick method is a therapy used by physiotherapists to restore or activate the body’s natural movement.

Initially, it was developed for people with physical disabilities to learn to swim. It was based on activities in the water that gradually gave them more independence. Over the years, the Halliwick method has developed into a therapeutic treatment to get a child moving.

Treatment of developmental disorders

Halliwick is used for children with developmental disorders: cerebral palsy, neuromuscular diseases, autism, inborn errors of metabolism… The Halliwick method improves their strength, balance and gait and has been shown to strengthen their self-esteem and emotions.

The exercises are performed in heated pools, the water temperature should be around 33 degrees. The Halliwick method is based on a 10-point program, the sequence uses the rotational axes of the individual and has as its goals motor relearning and acquiring functions and activities that improve participation and social integration.

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