What is the Innowalk

The Innowalk is a motorized technical aid that allows people with a physical disability to perform assisted walking while standing (walking on both lower limbs), as well as assisted pedaling while seated (sitting independently).

The Innowalk allows for more active standing, providing active-assisted leg mobility by imitating the reciprocal gait pattern and achieving a complete stretching of the lower extremities. In this way, it favors the strengthening of the anti-gravity musculature, the elongation of the flexor musculature and the internalization of a correct gait pattern.

When the user is able to move his legs by himself, the Innowalk allows him to perform the movement, while in other cases, it is the machine that performs the movement and the user accompanies the movement by just activating his muscles. It is not necessary to insist that they do active work, since the function of the Innowalk is to elongate the posterior muscular chain and help them internalize a correct gait pattern.

The therapeutic effects offered by the Innowalk vary greatly from person to person. It simply offers the possibility for some individuals to experience standing for short periods of time, while for others it facilitates the learning of an autonomous gait.

For all of them, it facilitates, through active standing:

– The regulation of postural tone

– Prevention of musculotendinous retractions and contractures.

– Prevention of osteoporosis and pathological fractures.

– Improvement of cardiorespiratory function.

– Improvement of coordination and balance in general.

– Prevention of pressure ulcers

– Improvement of renal and bladder function

– Regulation of the intestinal pattern

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– Increased self-esteem