What is LGTBI counseling?

What is LGTBI counseling?

It is an initiative of accompaniment and counseling aimed at LGTBI people and their family and relational environment, and whose actions include informative actions, counseling and awareness.

The objective of this service is to provide information to victims of discrimination and hatred based on sexual orientation or identity. The counseling programs are usually staffed by technicians specialized in the prevention of the factors that cause discrimination and inequality affecting this group.

Why is it done?

Counseling is usually of a legal and psychosocial nature and arises from the need to prevent and eliminate discriminatory behavior on grounds of sexual orientation and identity present in our society.

Sometimes, LGTBI counseling also includes attention to consultations in the workplace and several centers, such as the LGTBI Center of Barcelona, have emergency mechanisms against aggressions to detect and act in cases that may arise.

Main areas of intervention

  • Reception and information
  • Psychological, social and legal care
  • Group attention

Objectives of LGTBI counseling

  • To develop a service of attention to the LGTBI collective.
  • Promote initial accompaniment
  • Creation and dissemination of informative materials
  • To provide personal support through active listening and counselling.
  • Educational and employment guidance to LGTBI people.
  • Integral attention and individualized follow-up

Some centers have already begun to develop and implement protocols of actions in educational centers, as well as training workshops in order to establish an information point for LGTBI attention.